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With more love than resources, South Jersey Rescue began our journey more than fifteen years ago.  We are a small, private, 501c3, Non-Profit Animal Rescue.  A core group of volunteers works strictly through foster homes, and diligently finds safe, loving environments for all the animals entrusted to our care. South Jersey Rescue is committed to giving our furry friends a second chance by building relationships based on love, trust, and respect. 

We love all animals and devote most of our lives helping those who need homes, medical care, love, or safety from an unhealthy, unsafe, or questionable   environment. We do not have a housing facility, so our animals are in our own homes, or foster homes. ‚ÄčA lot of the money necessary to care for our animals and many times, comes from our own volunteers. It's a sacrifice we gladly make for the animals we love! We are proud of our reputation as a responsible community  pet rescue that goes way beyond the call of duty.

We invite you to travel along with us, as our journey continues...